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DIVCO - 14x11" Print

DIVCO - 14x11" Print

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Artwork by Don Henderson.

Vector illustration of a DIVCO milk truck - 14x11. 

This fun illustration combines a few of my favorite things into one illustration. As a kid, I remember the DIVCO delivery trucks delivering milk and dairy products to our house. Almost every house had a insulated milk box by the front door. I always remember my dad and my uncles talking about my grandfather's brother Eli Beacom Henderson or as they called him Uncle Beak. Uncle Beak had a dairy farm in Derry, PA. He probably didn't do home deliveries, and if he did, he probably didn't have a DIVCO delivery truck, but as a illustrator, I have the artistic license to create what ifs. So, in this illustration, what if Uncle Beak had a DIVCO and what might it look like? In this illustration, there are some things that may only be obvious to some people, but I'll point them out so you can be in the know too. The little delivery guy graphic is based on "Andy Ammo" the mascot of the 58th Ordnance Ammo Company of the US 8th Army that my dad served in the Korean War. The red keystone is symbolic of both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Railroad that my great grandfather Thomas Henderson worked for. The red keystone is also the insignia of the Pennsylvania National Guard, the 28th Infantry Division, or the "Iron Division" and the "Bloody Bucket". The 57 is the year I was born. The Star Crescent is the symbol of the Scottish clan Henderson. And of course the Pin-Up girl. Pin-Up art and Aircraft Nose Art are some things my uncle Hink Henderson, who was a gunner on a B-17 in WWII, got me interested in and so this is a little tribute to him too! 

Printed from an Epson Expression XP-15000 printer using Claria Hi-Definition Ink on a 13x19" sheet of matte finish, ultra premium photo paper.

Mailed in flat, rigid envelopes to prevent damage or curling, and are ready to frame.

* Watermark will not appear on physical print.

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